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Sep. 10th, 2006

No rain



thanks to narnie83. I got your parcel saturday. ?It's fantastic!  you are talented!

Aug. 19th, 2006

No rain


Hat Challenge

hello hat challengers!
can you give me an update?
how's it going?
Anyone found any good charities?

I have (i think) narnie83's pattern and photos, and I'm half finished mine

Aug. 6th, 2006

No rain


Recycled Shawl Pattern/Article

Stingy, pretty and green... can't get any better!

Aug. 3rd, 2006

No rain


Stash To Treasure

Now here's a stingy-freindly idea.  Stash To Treasure is basically an organized quarterly yarn-swap: you pay $10 (probably a little over £5) to sign up, send three random full balls of wool with labels from your stash, and you recieve three colour-coordinated balls back, with pattern ideas. I emailed them re. whether they deal with uk peopl, and the luvverly reply  was "The only issue is shipping.  If you don't mind paying shipping to get the yarn to me in the US, I don't mind shipping your "treasure" back to you.  So it all sounds groovy!

Aug. 2nd, 2006



(no subject)

How to buy wool the Stingyknits way.

I feel like an apprentice stingy knitter, because I'm sure there are always more cheap ways to buy wool. Here however, are my tips on how to increase your stash the stingy way.

Lets start with some high class stingyness. Colinette (http://www.colinette.com) (come back, come back, I'm serious) do a bargain pack. I know it's not terribly stingy, but if you're looking for something lovely to felt, or to make some VERY CLASSY hats, bags, purses and ipod covers, then this is the place for you. It's all odds and ends, but I've managed to make 5 hats, and 3 ipod covers, and still have lots of gorgeous wool left over from 2 purchases (ok, I am addicted, I like the surprise element). It is called Creative Threads, and it's 1 Kg of mixed colours and fibres, all sorts, in small hanks, cost £20.

Ok, now we have my guilty secret out of the way, let's talk really really stingy.

Charity shops. These do take persistance, and a certain nose for a bargain, but I have done very well out of charity shops. 400g of sea green Iceland Lopi later, for the amazing cost of £2, I say look in the windows, look in the bargain bins, and don't be afraid to have a rummage. I think certain types of charity shop are probably better than others, but I'm not sure how to classify yet. I work in Keighley, West Yorks, and the Skipton and Craven Disability Support shop has been a treasure trove. I think probably the less glamorous looking charity shops are better for this, so no Oxfam, unless you're in a wool mill area

Weekly Markets. I have had great and easy success at local markets. Fakenham Market in North Norfolk (on a thursday), has two wool stalls that are a joy to stingy knitters. You have to embrace the acrylic, and again, be willing to have a poke around. I have scored vintage knitting patterns and a 500g ball of bright red aran (with some actual wool in too) for 4 quid; and 5 absolutely gorgeous 100g skeins of purple/maroon acrylic that feels like wool, but is machine washable, claims to be DK, but knits up like aran (I don't go any thinner than that, ever, I am a fussy knitter too). I have heard great reports of Huddersfield market, but I bet that any weekly market, pretty much all over the UK will have good pickings. Do any of you have good finds to report?

Mill shops are a good way to use either the internet, or your initiative to get your hands on the real stuff at discount prices. Texere and King Cole both have websites, and actual shops, where you can go, get fondle the goods, and come home with loot. Texere also sell non-texere products, including Noro cheaper than I've found it anywhere apart from E-bay, and everyone I have spoken to at the company has been exceedingly friendly.

Because you're all savvy internet users, I assume that E-bay is already a spot for your stingy wool needs. NORO baby! Rowan! Much tastyness, in a limited and irritating mix of colours. I have to say that I rarely have the patience for E-bay, apart from when there's a buy it now button. Still, I am about to knit my mum a jumper, and I'm going to get some luxury yarn from E-bay if I can help it.

Finally, your local wool shop. I don't mean the chi-chi new posh wool shops. I mean the old fashioned, slightly intimidating ones run by lavender haired ladies. These shops never seem to have a wide selection, but they often have fabulous bargain bins. 600g of silvery grey mohair which will eventually become a lace wrap for my granny are thanks to my old-lady wool shop. It cost me all of £1.80. I don't know the exact fibre content, but there's a reasonable amount of mo in it. Also, these ladies have become my stingy knitting ally, because I go in and show off what I have made, and because I ask for help. Now, if they find anything particularly lush in the back room, or have a special on, they save things for me. This gives me much joy. Not only are they as cheap as me, they seem to egg me on to greater knitterly feats.

Good luck in your hunting, and much stingy knitting joy to you.

If anyone has any other good cheap sources of wool, let me know. We'll see whether we can put together some sort of comprehensive list.

Jul. 22nd, 2006

No rain


Aargh.... and an update

Bravenet appears to have no record of the stingyknits site I started... anybody's guess why!
Anyway, a little update.  Given that i have now started on a Masters whilst still working full time, stingyknits is going to be a lot longer in the making than i anticipated.  Because of that, and todays bravenet heebee-jeebees, I'm going to start it off as more of a traditional knit-blog, right here! lotsa knitblogs seem to use blogger and such but I'm used to lj and this is already set up so may as well carry on.
With that in mind, I have a question for the hat challenge people...
do you have any objection to your stuff going on lj rather than a separate site?  I will wait till I have all photos and patterns and put them all together as a single post, so the principle will be similar, it'll just be the format that's different.

The idea of the paper zine is still appealing however, so i will be going ahead with that, it'll just take longer! since most of my early projects seem to involve using up my stash, that's going to be my theme for the first issue.
If anyone has any great ideas/own patterns for stashbusting that they'd like to contribute, i'd be eternally grateful!

Jun. 24th, 2006

No rain


Steep Learning Curve

Dearest readers,
the progress of Stingyknits is currently being impeded by your delightful editrix attempting to teach herself to knit continental style :P

No rain


Hat Challenge Parcels

Righto... I've posted parcels to (i think) narnie83, clovecigarettesblackic and somebody else but I don't know your lj name (your'e in bedfordshire!)
1. did you all get your parcels? (some were only posted on thursday so might not have them yet)
2. there's about one parcels-worth of wool left... first-come first served, if nobody volunteers by tuesday, i'll do an extra one myself

Jun. 21st, 2006

No rain


just in case I've forgotten to put it in anyone's parcels...

here are the gudelines for the hat challenge:

The Stingyknits Hat Challenge!




  1. The pattern must be your own design.  It can be as ordinary or as crazy as you like, but it must be your own pattern.
  2. You can add scraps of yarn from your stash (hey, you can even by some if you like!) but the yarn you’re sent must be the main colour/s.
  3. Patterns and photos will appear in stingyknits (when it’s eventually up and running… this may be a while: it’s in the early stages and I work full time!)
  4. The finished hats will go to charity. If you have any suggestions of a charity/homeless shelter/similar, feel free to send their details!



Please send the following details back with your hat (email to stingyknits@fsmail.net or post along with the hat).


Your name (if you’re feeling especially shy, you can use an lj name or whatever, I don’t mind)

The pattern name (dunno if it was knitty.com that started this trend, but it seems obligatory for patterns to have names, so we’ll jump on the bandwagon too)

Photo of the finished hat  (email’s better, but ‘real’ photos are fine too)

The pattern (again email’s preferable)

Jun. 19th, 2006

No rain


Hat Challenge (again!)

Any more takers for the hat challenge? There's about enough wool left for maybe about three parcels. (100g is more than i thought but i was working on a rough average of patterns for dk hats I found!)

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