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Hat Challenge part nine million

Shame on me, I didn't get organised in time to send the hats to China, but Feed The Children have said thet'll be more than welcome, so they will be posted off on Saturday!
If any of the remaining hat challenge people still have work to do, that's ok... all I ask is you send me photos and a pattern when you're done, and donate the finished hat to a charity.... even taking it to a charity shop will do!

clovecigarettes and narnie83 : Do either of you have any objections to me posting your pics and patterns here in the interim before I get the full zine together?


Hiya :)

Um, I just finished my hat. Are you still interested in publishing the pattern or should I submit it somewhere else?

Helen, not good with deadlines...

hee... I'm not good with deadlines either. Look at the person who gave a baby quilt as a first birthday present!

As you can probably tell, stingyknits the zine never really got off the ground in paper form, but it'd be nice to publish the patterns here if nowhere else.
I tried to set up a website using a free web service but it was way beyond my skills. On the rare occaisions it worked, it looked terrible.

So yeah... erm, email me your pattern so that I have it if I ever get the paper or online versions up and running, and/or post it here.

I will be sending off stuff to Feed the Children again, unless anyone else can come up with another charity. I often knit for the sake of knoitting or experimentation, so charity hats are the way to go for me! Feel free to send your hat direct to a charity, or back to me and I'll send it with my next batch (email me for my address: clarty kid AT hotmail etc)
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